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Nintendo Ds Lite Cases in Nintendo-ds

Nintendo Ds Lite Cases  in Nintendo-ds Featured

Nintendo ds lite cases are only designed for the nintendo ds games and cards. Nintendo basically the dual screen game for kids. Kids loved their nintendo ds games they want to keep their games safe and secure so for the purpose of protection of nintendo ds games there are different variety of nintendo ds lite case are available. The colors ... Read More »

Buy Playstation Move in Controller

Buy Playstation Move  in Controller Featured

Are you ready to move? Well Sony has finally released their brand new system called the Playstation Move. It is a motion controller that is similar to the Nintendo Wii, but they say that it is way better when it comes to functionality. Nintendo set a base for motion controllers, but Sony has taken it to another level. This new ... Read More »

Nintendo DS FAQ in Touch-screen

Nintendo DS FAQ  in Touch-screen Featured

The Nintendo DS is a hand-held video game console with Nintendo’s unique dual-screen design feature. The top screen is used for viewing graphics, and the bottom one is touch sensitive. When damaged or functioning improperly, the screen can render some games unplayable. To troubleshoot the screen on a Nintendo DS, you can try the following several methods. 1. Malfunction: -Constant ... Read More »

3ds Cards Which Support Nintendo 3ds in Card

3ds Cards Which Support Nintendo 3ds  in Card Featured

The report is their findings here. Several manufacturers have already announced their cards will be playable on the 3DS console. The technology to update the firmware of the R4i card is not available because it would drastically increase the cost of the card. Therefore, for an updatable card alternatives we could recommend include the Acekard 2i and M3i Zero at ... Read More »

Buy 3ds Card Nintendo 3ds Revolution in Card

Buy 3ds Card Nintendo 3ds Revolution  in Card Featured

Though likely to feel the sting of Nintendo’s legal hammer shortly, a new app called 3DS Cards has hit the Android Marketplace, which allows users who want to buy 3ds card to display the six augmented reality cards that come bundled with the 3DS on their smartphone. As handy of a concept as it is, it is not an officially ... Read More »

Playstation 2 in Playstation

Playstation 2  in Playstation Featured

The original Sony Playstation was one of my absolute favorite video game consoles when I was growing up. I never could lose the fun factor that came with the games and the console itself. There was just simply too much to love and too many good games to sit down and really just stick to it, there was always something ... Read More »

Pc Paintbrush in Mouse

Pc Paintbrush  in Mouse Featured

PC Paintbrush (also known simply as Paintbrush) was graphics editing software created by the ZSoft Corporation in 1985 for computers running the MS-DOS operating system. It was originally developed as a response to the first paintbrush program for the IBM PC, PCPaint, which had been released the prior year by Mouse Systems, the company responsible for bringing the mouse to ... Read More »

Something About Sony Psp in Cable

Something About Sony Psp  in Cable Featured

The full name of the PSP is PlayStation Portable, which is the Sony PSP series in Japan, which has many features such as games, music, video games and so on, what is more, there are many PSP accessories. Sony PSP is very simple to use. When you pull up the power button, the game could be suspended to the current ... Read More »

Nintendo Wii Games Leading from the Top! in Game

Nintendo Wii Games Leading from the Top!  in Game Featured

Today even a casual visit to any electronic store would reveal that it is the Nintendo Wii games along with other umpteen cheap video games that have caught the fancy of the customers. Despite the onslaught of other rival gaming consoles and rising costs, the charm and the attraction that the Nintendo Wii games holds has survived and is now ... Read More »

Acekard 3 3ds Mod Chip / Flash Card in Card

Acekard 3 3ds Mod Chip / Flash Card  in Card Featured

The very first flash cartridge that is compatible with the Nintendo 3DS is the Acekard 3 3DS. It is able 3DS Mod Chipsto play the DS roms as well ashomebrew game for the DSi and of course, run the games for the 3DS. However, it is a fact that it simply serves like a modified version of the earlier Acekard ... Read More »

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